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While I really enjoyed being a "Hunter" of new business
(and was very successful at it), my true passion is helping others
find a CAREER they love.

My job is NOT my life.

I am not what’s on my business card.

I am the sum of multiple passions, interests and talents.

I wanted the creative flexibility to express and explore the world – to come up with creative solutions to help others with their career search, and get paid for my natural talents.

2013 - 2015:


(The Beach Village Resort, Away Beach Village Resort), Samroiyod, Prachuapkhirikhan
General Manager / Resort Manager / Operation Manager

My recent job was the Resort Manager (RM or GM) since August 2013 (to 20 March 2015) for the Beach Village Resort, my main responsible is for achieving optimal guest satisfaction and a good working environment to attain all set objectives.

In August 2014, the resort has been re-branded to be 'Away Beach Village' under the management of BHMA (Boutique Hospitality Management Asia).

To achieve this, the Resort Manager should manage Away Beach Village Resort in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures and Policies as set out by the JM Estate Company Limited and BHMA.

As the Resort Manager, I shall see to the implementation of optimal and attractive products and services required to address the hotel’s target groups, based on pre-agreed marketing plans and budgets, to ensure the correct production and distribution of information and promotion materials as agreed to.

See more of my work on the resort facebook at http://www.facebook.com/tbvillage

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2012 - 2013:


Customer Relationship Management Asst. Manager (CRM)

I worked for Lalin Property (Public) Co.,Ltd. as an Assistant Customer Relationship Manager. I'm now in charge of 13 housing projects for this company. I started my job here since 10th May 2012.

  • Supervising the customer service representatives’ team and ensuring that all the customers receive immediate service.
  • Handling all inquiries and requests of customers, and resolving the problems swiftly.
  • Interacting with the customers via fax, phone, the internet, email, or in person to address directly the customer issues.
  • Assessing the situation and determining an appropriate suitable course of action.
  • Working with employees and providing guidance during tough situations to acquire appropriate resolution for the customer and the company.
  • Ensuring that they follow all company protocols while dealing with customers.
  • Following up with complaints or inquiries of customers, collecting previous due payments, issuing customer refunds, and forwarding customer concerns to upper level management when required.
  • Working with CRM team in ensuring the accurate communication of objectives of company when customers first call in.
  • Creating and maintaining up­ to­ date script, which the associates use while responding to calls.
  • Ensuring that all client information is precise and supervising the processing of payment.
  • Supervising & managing the ‘Public Fund’ for each project.
  • Report monthly expenses to the residents / committees to each project.

2010 - 2012:

THE GROVE, Housing Project
General Manager / Project Manager

Because of previous experience, working with foreign property buyers in the area, I was hired to take over and manage a half-completed property development project, which had previously not enjoyed much interest. I was responsible for, and managed all aspects of the project.This included:

  • Carrying out market research to establish the correct niche for the project as there are many other similar projects in the area.
  • Developing a marketing plan to rebrand the project, adjusting its name, price and design as required.
    Next, I set about using my project management skills to oversee the rebranding. This included:
  • Managing a budget and team of construction, decoration, landscaping, housekeeping and administration staff.
    Launching a marketing campaign and organizing opening events, which very successfully introduced the development project to potential customers.
    Thereafter, I worked predominantly in a sales role:
  • Dealing with mostly European clients, taking them to view the properties.
  • Answering queries concerning not only the properties themselves, but also other topics relevant to the practicalities and legalities of buying property for foreigners in Thailand.
  • During this period, I continued to oversee the administration, landscaping and housekeeping staff, ensuring that the project was running successfully and within budget.


2005 - 2009:

Villa Maris, Villa Vanravi, Villa Botanica, Villa Aruna, Vanravi Apartment.
Customer Service Executive / Sales Executive

I joined this company during the initial stages of their building luxury beach properties in Prachuap Khiri Khan. My role was to act as the ‘Thai’ face of the company, servicing Scandinavian customers at every step of the buying process and ensuring customer satisfaction once they had moved into their properties. This included:

  • Providing project information and support to customers in the preliminary stages of the project.
  • Liaising with customers to ensure that all site construction work was compliant with laws and with customer requirements.
  • Monitoring project progress and ensuring timely completion according to the agreed schedule.
  • Developing an inspection process during the transfer period to ensure that company standards were maintained.
  • Implementing activities to create and maintain good client relations and minimize complaints.
  • Liaising with other parties, such as pest control, lawyers, and the local Land Office, in order to provide services to residents.
  • Creating a management process to enable us to follow up quickly and efficiently on customer complaints.
  • Analyzing customer problems and utilizing data to improve and develop customer services.
  • Responsible for all client communications, conflict resolution, and compliance on client deliverables and revenue.
  • Approves 'Change Orders' and invoices, and is responsible for payment collections.
  • Works closely with the project team in order to maintain a continuous knowledge of project status in order to identify potential issues and/or opportunities within or related to the project.
  • Ensures that all processes and procedures are completed, quality standards are met, and that projects are profitable.
  • Understanding of company capabilities and service, and effectively communicates all offerings to the customers.
  • Training local staff to create a service-orientated environment and ensuring achievement of customer satisfaction standards. (Both English lesson and Customer Services)
  • Controlling subordinates’ operation and performance.


2004 - 2005:
ASIAN UNIVERSITY, (International University), Pattaya, Thailand

Admission Officer / Parents & Students' Orientation Agent

Initially, my main purpose in this role was to work within a team that was responsible for handling all aspects of the student admissions process. Typical daily duties included:

- Answering questions and queries over the phone, email and by letter.
- Providing advice on entry requirements, Scholarship and funding
- Replying to requests for information

However, because my English language skills were good, and I had a very outgoing personality, I took on additional responsibilities. I was requested to work closely with academic staff, attending education fairs and touring the country, to introduce the university to potential students and provide a high quality information service.


1999 - 2003
OPINION Language Institute, Bangkok

Admission Officer / Customer Service Officer / Personal Assitant to MD

On a daily basis, my principle role was to liaise between students, parents and teachers to organize the scheduling for the school.

Consequently, the close ties that I made with all these parties meant that I was in a perfect position to source new teaching personnel and help design targeted marketing campaigns and promotions as required.

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